Inventory - Automatic

Inventory can be tough... ThermoGRID will make it easy. As a tech when you go to the price book you can select items, once you do it will show you if it is in stock and how many are available. Once the repair is sold it will automatically remove it off the truck and create a restock sheet to bring the truck back to standard stock levels.

Daily Management report

Know where you are at as a a business each and every day. This will give you all the information needed to make the right business choices. It is like having a personal coach guide you through you daily activities. From telling you how many calls you need per day to make up the budget to knowing the performance of each person in the company. As you can see each person can set goals based on their skill set and it will show "Red" meaning below minimum expectation, "Yellow" above minimum expectation and below goal, or "Green" for above goal. This report can be 100% customized so you can create any goal or measure any KPI that you would like.

Custom Forms & Documents

Sometimes you just need to enter in a form that is 100% custom for you and your business, city, or for any reason. This allows you to copy and paste a current document in and add check boxes, text boxes, logo, and almost anything you could think of. This can work for any department in your business and saves right to the job. This is definitely one feature needed to go paperless 100%.

Connected to the scheduling and dispatch calendar is a quick view of all your jobs for the day and location, where your techs and other reps are at, and where the closest supplier it to each tech. This makes it easy to choose who should go where and where to schedule appointments.

Site Photos

Take pictures right onsite and they will upload to clients account so purchasing management or installers can see the job before they arrive.

Install Task Sheet

Everything that was discussed and sold to the homeowner automatically transfers to an install task sheet so nothing is missed. This will also calculate the time it should take to install the system and how much they are being paid.

Purchase Orders

ThermoGRID will create as many purchase orders needed to complete the job based on where you buy your materials. It will order by model number and order number with your pricing to prevent ordering errors.


Check: PERFORMANCE - closing ratios, average ticket, budgeting and goals, total sales, marketing, recommendations.... you name it. The dates can be weekly monthly yearly or custom to determine if there is any improvement. Management done easy. ORDERS - See what marketing is bringing in the revenue to what unit is most commonly sold to how many warranties need to be filled out... lots of custom reports. PAYROLL - see the amount of commissions, labor tasks, and hourly pay with a simple report. MEMBERSHIPS - See what clients are due for their visit, past due and send a mass text or email to contact them. INVENTORY - Auto track what parts are used and have it automatically generate a restock sheet. TIMESHEETS - not only will your timecards be paperless now but you will be able to see exactly where the user was when they clock in and out of their day or jobs. EQUIPMENT - Report on age of system and send marketing campaigns out with a click of a button via email or text to clients that may want to replace. REPAIRS - Be able to see how much clients have spent on repairs by M# or all clients over a certain dollar amount in repairs.. again one click email or text marketing campaigns. Endless reporting at your finger tips.

‚ÄčTechnology Challenged?

ThermoGRID was built for everyone... made easy, then rebuilt to be even easier.

Calculating commissions Labor and Gross margins

Any discount will cause commission to go down automatically based on how you want it set up. This program will also help you price out jobs properly and see where you ended up for accurate job costing. This way you can ensure all percentages stay in the proper range for profitability.

Sizing Equipment

Most companies do not do a load calculation because they do not know how or because it takes too long. ThermoGRID is quick, easy, and accurate... never put the wrong size of system in again. Deliver more value to your clients by putting in the exact size the home requires.

Estimating - Flat Rate - Time & Material

This program will protect your company gross margins in many ways. Couple examples:

1. This program does an auto tag process, this means when you select a piece of equipment such as a furnace or air conditioner it will auto pull the proper size line set, matching coil, thermostat, and anything you would like. this makes it so you do not need to look it up and most importantly you do not forget to price it out.

2. If a discount is given on the job it will reduce the commission.

SCheduling & Smart Dispatching

This system is designed to dispatch easily. The system will take into account current location of the technician their skill set (meaning type of calls they can perform boiler, tune-ups, repairs, ect) and their performance in each category (maintenance agreement conversion, average ticket, closing ratio, and replacement conversion rate). You can set the criteria up anyway you would like to make sure the right individual is sent on the job saving you and your clients more time and money. 

See a list of features Here


After designing a system ThermoGRID will automatically create and invoice that can be signed and emailed or printed. If a client is not home you can email them the agreement and when they sign it digitally from any device it will automatically notify you it was signed and import it in to their order. ThermoGRID gives options for bulk pricing or detailed which ever you prefer to send client.

QuickBooks integration

Easily integrate with QuickBooks Online Version or Desktop Version. You can transfer revenue by general sales sub accounts and classes, making it the most flexible setup and best reporting you can get from your accounting software. 

Many cities and states are requiring load calculations now or will soon. This will allow you to meet regulations while adding mor evalue for your clients. the whole house as one calc, level by level, Room by room, or pick and choose areas. A nice detailed report can be emailed or printed and you can choose your degree days.