Ineligible Users for Jobs

Check all items below

  1. Look at job info in the job “Primary Job Type”, “Department”, “Job Type(s)”, and “Required Tech Skills”
  2. User: “Roles” if “Department” was “Service” then role must have “Do Service Calls”
  3. User: if “Required Tech Skills” had a skill set selected then the user must have the skill set under their “Skills”
  4. Go to Admin, Manage Drop Downs, Primary Job Types… look at the “roles” for each and make sure a “Role” such as “Do Service Calls” is on the “Primary Job Type”… you can add more that one “Role” to each “Primary Job Type”
  5. Click ‘”Reports”, Click “Daily Management”, Click “Settings” in the top right of the screen, Click on the “Category” (HVAC, Plumbing, Radon, Etc.), Click “Tech Levels”, Click “Edit”, and make sure that all users are listed as a user in one of the Levels drop down and are selected… You will need to do this for each category your company has (HVAC, Plumbing, Radon, Etc.) When done click “Apply Settings” on the left of the screen.

Close Out a Call, Job, and Order

  • Follow the Closing Instructions below here.
  • Follow the Job flow process here
  1. After these items have been taken care of you can use the "Status Filter" button to hide certain types of statuses such as closed jobs... This will save your preferences so if you want to see these types in the future you must change it back.

Can't Add Equipment

  • Click My calls
  • Click Call Number
  • At “Client Details” click “Units” next to “Addresses”
  • Click “+ Add Unit”
  • Add in: Type, M#, S#, Installation date
  • Installation date when you installed or the tag on the unit use M# and S# to look up and just get to the closest year.
  • Once all required info is in you will notice the “Add Unit” Button will get darker.
  • When adding in second unit it will pre populate the date you must still select the date to confirm the pre populating date. If you do not click the date the “Add Unit” button will still be a light shade and will not let you add the unit.

Tech or Sales Rep Getting an Error Working in a Job/Call/Order

  • If a tech or a sales representative clicks on a job from the calendar and goes into the job info page and they do not have a role of dispatch jobs they will get an error.
  • If a tech has the role to add calls and can view all calls they can click into it but if they try to add order they will get an error… you need to assign the job to them so they can add orders.

Can't Add a Job to a Call

  • Make sure Client info is typed in... Name & address 
  • Make sure category is selected
  • if this is a new client click the yellow/orange button add new client

Can't Geo Locate Vendors When Clicking "Show Map" on Calendar

  • Click Admin, Click Manage Suppliers, Make sure all supplier data (address) is in

Can’t Get ThermoGRID to Pull up or Login

  • Turn off private browsing
  • Make sure you do not have, it must be to have a secure site.

QuickBooks Not Syncing

  • Make sure your account in QB is connected to ThermoGRID… go to admin company settings and read instructions.
  • Make sure your chart of accounts in QBs is the exact same in ThermoGRID “company settings” and service catalog “department”
  • Make sure you completed the order in job costing.
  • If QB online check:
  • Check Error Log: Click "Administration", "Company Settings" and go to your version of QuickBooks and click "View Log"
  • If you have errors click here for error codes to resolve.

Can't Delete an Order

  • Can’t delete an order that has been submitted unless you click the triangle next to the edit symbol and change settings to open.
  • Don't have the Role to do so.

 How Do I Find History

Couple Options. 

Click "Clients", Click on the edit button "The Pencil", Click "View Calls" (you may need to clear your filters or search bar to see all calls for this client) From here you can scroll through the calls.
Click "My Calls", Search for existing call by client name or call number and click on the call number or “+Add New Call” if they are calling in. Then under “Client Details” it will show (Address, Units, History)... If you do not see this, then click the triangle so it is pointing down. Then Click "History".

This will show you the date of each call and #of jobs and Orders tied to it... If you want more info click on the call number and it will open all the info that is in it.

Items in the service catalog not showing up on an order when selecting "Add Item"

A few things can cause this:
1. The "access control" does not include the role of the individual. This is located at the bottom of an item when editing it in the service catalog or column ACL when exporting.
2. You duplicated an item when creating it and it has the same Item ID as another.

3. Can Add without parent is set to "N" no 

Can't Find Call/Job/Order

Clear filters 

Revenue not showing up on the DMR (Daily Management Report)


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