​​​Our partner at  EC&C  can show you how to master the industry and achieve all your business goals.

  • Generating More Sales…

Did you know most companies have the call volume to achieve their goals today? Without the proper training you risk throwing your marketing money at something that will actually help you competition. Learn to book 98% of the calls that come in already and learn to prioritize them in a way to maximize revenue on each job you run. Once this step is mastered we can show you how to generate 500 calls in 24 hours.

  • The Pendulum Theory:

Statements/Defending/Telling causes bad emotion.  Have you ever been emotional where it was hard to remember information you wanted to bring up… maybe an argument or something?

Well, when statements are used it can cause emotion and in result it makes it tough for a client to think and make a decision.

Most clients struggle to make decisions on their own even without us making it difficult... this is the reason why “I want to think about it” is the most common objection.

 Questions cause logic: When a client stays logical it is easier for them to think and in result easier to make a decision.

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  • How to close the deal on the first interaction… Sales, Service, and Call Center…

 There are 5 internal questions that must be answered

Why Should I Buy?
Why Buy From You?
How Can I Pay?
What Do You Recommend?
When Should I Buy?

 Do you know which one is the most common question unanswered for the client? You may be surprised but when you learn you will see that is not that easy to answer until you understand the real question.


5 Steps to Sales, 7 Steps to Overcome Objections, And The Pendulum Theory are the most impactful things and individual can master to have success in all areas of business.

  • Objections…

Enough said right, we all get objections… wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to easily overcome objections but better yet learn to prevent them all together?

How much is a new furnace…?
What brand do you sell…?
How much for the repair…?

Basic & Common:

  • Bids
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Think
  • Cost too much

Challenging Objections:

1. First 10-15 min "I don’t have time for this just give me a price for a new AC."

2. First 10-35 min "I have a buddy in the industry that can do this."

3. At the end after price "I have to think about it"

4. After last question on client survey "We never make decisions the same day… we sleep on it"

5. 5-10 min "Learn that is a 1 legger"

6. From Start "Mom collecting bids for her son"

7. Wanted to use own bank for financing

8. Hard time building rapport

9. Client canceling the job you previously sold.

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Resolve all these challenges by working with EC&C. On average clients will grow over 40% per year with increased profits. They have an online training program, Private Webinars, Group Webinars, and Onsite training.

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